This blog is about what to do after becoming a capitalist without intending to. I (AC) grew up middle class in an upper class county (Marin County, CA, typically second or third highest per capita income in the US). So I developed an attitude towards rich people. And it was the 60s during my formative years, a distinctly anti-capitalist, anti-rich era.

But I found a good job in my chosen field and did the “right” thing, maxed out my 401(k) contributions starting in my 30s. It was on automatic. After a few years I noticed there was some real money there and I should pay some attention. So I did. But it required some learning: reading books on the subject, articles, blogs, etc. I subscribed to some free e-mail lists, tried a couple of paid Websites, and debated investments with my wife (a former registered stock broker). This blog is about the ideas, resources, and people I’ve found useful (and continue to) in the process. Hopefully, it will help you.

For the purposes of this blog, a capitalist is someone who makes money with money (i.e. capital). As there are guitarists and people who play guitar, there are Capitalists and capitalists. The former make the majority and a lot of income from their money. The latter make some income from money.

Most of us start with a savings account. This qualifies us as capitalists. Then add Certificates of Deposit (CD), money market accounts, mutual funds, stocks, and maybe even bonds (e.g. savings bonds or US Treasury bonds).

I never intended to become a millionaire and a millionaire is a lot less than when I was growing up (inflation has cut the value of a dollar nearly by 10 times in the last forty years). But it is enough to get my attention and some years produces the majority of our income.

One note: to have a middle class retirement, you need to have a million dollars in savings, investments, etc. Or the equivalent. A pension that pays $20 thousand per year is probably the equivalent of $400 thousand to $500 thousand dollars of savings/investments. Continuing to work at least part time, adding in Social Security, growing your own food, etc. can reduce this.

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This blog is not investment advice, that is a job for professionals. It is a educational resource from someone else on the road to financial literacy. Most posts will be a brief writeup on why I think the article linked to is useful. A few will be musings at length on a particular topic. And there may be a few guest posts. Thank you for reading.

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