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Is Financial Security a Right?

The title of Financial Security Should be the Next Human Right puts me off. I’m tired of people who feel entitled to a free ride. What the post is talking about is more in line with a floor or safety … Continue reading

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Disintermediating Everybody

I’ve written occasionally about Disintermediating Wall Street, investing without going through the big Wall Street investment banks. Tim O’Reilly has a new blog post about how network based startups are disintermediating taxi companies and hotel chains. He also lays out … Continue reading

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The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism

I have been working on a project exploring the similarities between rebuilding a crime infested community and counter-insurgency. Both are about strengthening the good guys as well as discouraging the bad guys. The good and the bad guys look the … Continue reading

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Your Biggest Asset

Over my years I’ve learned that GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, is a fiction that MBA programs have agreed to because it supports the myth that management and numbers are all that matter. That their curriculum has it all down. … Continue reading

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Realize your Dream through Crowdfunding

With the recent controversies over crowdfunded projects like Zach Braff’s, many are asking what exactly the phenomenon is. Simply, crowdfunding is an online platform in which budding entrepreneurs or artists can solicit money from the general public—the crowd. The advantage … Continue reading

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JOBS Act Devolution

The JOBS Act had a lot of promise for startups and small investors. However¸the details are in the rule making. The SEC is opting to gut the innovation in the name of “safety” and essentially turn it into the status … Continue reading

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