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Review of “Emotional Currency”

The subtitle to Emotional Currency is “A woman’s guide to building a healthy relationship with money”. Until someone writes a man’s guide to a healthy relationship with money, this book will do for everyone, or at least every adult. This book … Continue reading

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Lincoln and the American Dream, Still a Struggle

A book review by Walter Brueggemann in the Christian Century lead me to “A Just and Generous Nation”, by Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle, a historian and an economist, respectively. The overall theme is Abraham Lincoln’s fight for the American … Continue reading

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Money vs. Wealth – Henry Miller

In 1935 after the publication of Tropic of Cancer, Ezra Pound challenged Henry Miller about money, “what makes it and how it gets that way.” A year later, Miller published a booklet of his thoughts and research by the same name. … Continue reading

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