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How to Increase US Economic Mobility

The United States has ceased to be “Horatio Alger’s America – a country defined by the promise that whoever you are, you have the same chance as anyone else to rise, with pluck, industry, and talent.” Restoring America’s Economic Mobility … Continue reading

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Lincoln and the American Dream, Still a Struggle

A book review by Walter Brueggemann in the Christian Century lead me to “A Just and Generous Nation”, by Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle, a historian and an economist, respectively. The overall theme is Abraham Lincoln’s fight for the American … Continue reading

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Platform Cooperatives

In my attempts to find a way around Wall Street (the big investment banks) I find plenty of utopian ideas that require substantial changes in the law. They ain’t gonna happen. Cooperatives seem to be the or at least an … Continue reading

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Good Governance and Healthy Economies

The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Angus Deaton for his work analyzing poverty, consumption, and economic health. His conclusion was that strong governments are needed to create the conditions under which people can have a predictable enough economic … Continue reading

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Investing in Main Street

About the only way to not put your retirement investments in Wall Street’s hands is to invest in Main Street. The obvious way to do that is start a business. I’ve tried several times to be self-employed. Life has conclusively … Continue reading

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Helping Small Businesses

Community Development Credit Union (CDCU), are credit unions that specifically work to serve low-income people and communities. Are Credit Unions the Cure to the Problems with Gentrification in NYC? tells the story of several businesses in the poor parts of … Continue reading

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Disintermediating Everybody

I’ve written occasionally about Disintermediating Wall Street, investing without going through the big Wall Street investment banks. Tim O’Reilly has a new blog post about how network based startups are disintermediating taxi companies and hotel chains. He also lays out … Continue reading

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Interest and the Rich

The Bible prohibits usury, the lending of money at interest. (Now days, usury laws cap the interest that can be charged.) I’ve paid interest and been paid interest. It seems very reasonable. However, opinions differ. Do flaws in our monetary … Continue reading

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Why I Dislike Putting My Retirement in Wall Street’s Hands

As more and more news emerges just how corrupt and greedy Wall Street is (see Cities and States Across the Country Are Paying Massive Secret Fees to Wall Street), the harder I try to Disintermediate Wall Street (DWS). That is, … Continue reading

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Obligate Locavore

I’ve been reading about supporting local economies lately. How to do it, the benefits of it, and why. Not being at the mercy of a many thousand mile long supply chain with disruptions by weather, port strikes, etc. has value. … Continue reading

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