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Post Work

Interesting and long article on Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs at the Guardian. It explores the history and critiques of the modern notion of work, a relatively recent idea. It include a mention of Universal Basic … Continue reading

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One popular definition of inflation is, “Too much money chasing too few goods.”  At the consumer (CPI) and producer (PPI) levels, inflation is tame, in the vicinity of 2%. American big businesses are sitting on trillions of capital. Demand does not … Continue reading

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Would You Buy/Keep This Stock?

Investors are urged to periodically ask themselves, “If I did not already own this stock, would I buy it now?” If the answer is no, perhaps it’s time to sell. In the past, I’ve asked that same question of things … Continue reading

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Business Porn

A venture capitalist I heard several years ago spoke of a startup’s income or revenue projections as “business porn”, all fantasy with no reality constraints. Startups with actual income or even some profit weren’t as interesting. Looking at Trump speech … Continue reading

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Populist Leaders

Thoughtful piece in MarketWatch entitled Populist leaders aren’t likely to make your income great again. I think he hits the correct points and his projected outcome predictions have a good chance of becoming reality. The one quibbling point is that he … Continue reading

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Capitalism 4.1

The more capitalism makes the news, the less appealing it looks. If I look at other systems, I see similar problems. It’s not the structure per se, it’s the degree to which greed is tolerated and/or celebrated. Greed is destroying … Continue reading

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Building in public forces true competitive advantage

Jason Cohen is a local (Austin, TX) entrepreneur. He’s on his second successful startup, though it’s a late to be calling it a startup. It’s over 100 employees and several million in annual revenue. I’ve heard him speak several times … Continue reading

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Right to Organize

Public corporations are capital organizing for increased impact and negotiating power. Unions are labor organizing or banding together for increased negotiating power. The former looks like it is enshrined in our culture and law. The latter is under attack, often … Continue reading

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Funding UBI

One argument against any Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is how will it be funded? As The Universal Right to Capital Income argues, “If a universal basic income is to be legitimate, it cannot be financed by taxing Jill to pay … Continue reading

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How to Increase US Economic Mobility

The United States has ceased to be “Horatio Alger’s America – a country defined by the promise that whoever you are, you have the same chance as anyone else to rise, with pluck, industry, and talent.” Restoring America’s Economic Mobility … Continue reading

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