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Interest and the Rich

The Bible prohibits usury, the lending of money at interest. (Now days, usury laws cap the interest that can be charged.) I’ve paid interest and been paid interest. It seems very reasonable. However, opinions differ. Do flaws in our monetary … Continue reading

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Why I Dislike Putting My Retirement in Wall Street’s Hands

As more and more news emerges just how corrupt and greedy Wall Street is (see Cities and States Across the Country Are Paying Massive Secret Fees to Wall Street), the harder I try to Disintermediate Wall Street (DWS). That is, … Continue reading

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System Science applied to the Financial System

MONEYBALL: Reinventing the Game of Capitalism Using a New Scientific Model talks about applying Systems Science to the current financial system. A number of thought leaders and entrepreneurs are seeking to reinvent capitalism because it isn’t working for large segments of … Continue reading

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Obligate Locavore

I’ve been reading about supporting local economies lately. How to do it, the benefits of it, and why. Not being at the mercy of a many thousand mile long supply chain with disruptions by weather, port strikes, etc. has value. … Continue reading

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