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Fingers of Instability

John Mauldin has written several times on complexity theory. His first and perhaps best read is Fingers of Instability, written in 2006. The title refers to experiments adding to piles of sand, a grain at time. Research has found that … Continue reading

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California Drought, Coming to a Market Near You

I live it Austin, TX and vacation in California. I also was born there and did most of my growing up there. And I’m married to a native Texan. So I’m tuned to the rivalry between the two states. And their … Continue reading

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Texas Drought

Texas, where I live, has been in a drought for the last 10-12 years ago. In the last year or two, the drought has slacked off. We aren’t out, but we’re getting there. Rick Perry, the governor, declared the drought … Continue reading

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Investing Your IRA in a Local Business

Most IRA plans are setup to invest in the “standard” investments, meaning they are limited to Wall Street type investments. They aren’t prepared to handle buying your local food coop’s private bond issue. For that you need a Self-Directed IRA … Continue reading

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