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Where – Retailers

On the way home tonight, we passed a Title IX shop with sweaters and winter jackets in the window. It was ten o’clock at night and still 98°F. In New England and North Dakota winter may be approaching.  It may … Continue reading

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Who – Residence Owners

Currently I live in a residence hotel, a place people stay weeks to months.  We are in between apartment leases. We left the previous apartment after it was bought by a Wall Street company.  They spent a million dollars on … Continue reading

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Where – Employers

I’ve noticed over the years that where a company was founded or where their headquarters are often gives hints of the corporate culture. My first job out of college was in California’s Silicon Valley, but the company headquarters were in … Continue reading

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Viridian Design

As I become more mindful of my spending habits, I spend less which means I need less money, which gives more freedom of action. Up until now I’ve been doing on an ad hoc basis with no coherent structure to … Continue reading

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More on Capitalism for the Masses

As I wrote in Capitalism for the Masses, the writer of the macroresilience blog has some interesting ideas on transforming capitalism. The previous post talked about it from the workers/employees side.  Financing Investment In A World Without Maturity Transformation approaches it … Continue reading

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Money vs. Wealth – Henry Miller

In 1935 after the publication of Tropic of Cancer, Ezra Pound challenged Henry Miller about money, “what makes it and how it gets that way.” A year later, Miller published a booklet of his thoughts and research by the same name. … Continue reading

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Fake Non-aggressiveness

It appears to me that there a lot of naive or uneducated investors in BP Prudhoe Bay Trust (BPT). Each time it goes ex-dividend, there is a bunch of selling. Mostly before the record date when those who own it … Continue reading

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