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The Amish – Off the Grid

The Amish are a traditional Christian denomination that are explicitly not first adopters on new technology. As the interviewer in Financial Secrets of the Amish observes in regards to organic food, “They’re so far behind, they’re ahead.” They are off the … Continue reading

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Pluralist Commonwealth

Gar Alperovitz, a political economist, writer, activist, and professor, has started a Website describing an alternative political-economic system, Pluralist Commonwealth. It is an attempt to improve on the current two dominant systems, capitalism and socialism. For the short version, read … Continue reading

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Coining Alternatives to Capitalism

There are alternatives to the usual economic forms.  In Each Other We Trust: Coining Alternatives to Capitalism discusses several economic alternatives: rethinking the role of money and credit, alternative currencies, etc.  A few things are actually being tried.  Most of the … Continue reading

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