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Your Biggest Asset

Over my years I’ve learned that GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, is a fiction that MBA programs have agreed to because it supports the myth that management and numbers are all that matter. That their curriculum has it all down. … Continue reading

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UBI – Safety Foundation?

Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is the idea of a certain fixed amount of income for all residents or citizens without any qualification. A new political party in Holland is proposing New political party wants € 1,000 basic income for everyone … Continue reading

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Thomas Friedman and Wealth Distribution

I admire Thomas Friedman and most of his columns I find fairly balanced and certainly informative, especially about the Middle East. On the marvels of modern financial issues, less balanced. “The World is Flat” contains a lot of good information. … Continue reading

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Obamacare Effects

Obamacare as a brand has been trashed by its opponents.  The majority of Americans oppose Obamacare.  The majority of Americans approve of the provisions of Obamacare when the brand label is taken off.  James Surowiecki looks at the likely effects … Continue reading

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Economist Looks at Swiss Proposal

Two days ago I posted on the basics of the Swiss Unconditional Basic Income proposal.  It is garnering some attention.  An interesting article at, Rather than savage cuts, Switzerland considers “Star Trek” economics, looks at the implications.  The economist they … Continue reading

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Unconditional Basic Income Gaining Traction

I wrote several months ago on Unconditional Basic Income, the idea that everyone is guaranteed an income, usually just above the poverty level. There are several trends pushing society in that direction. Now advocates in Switzerland have gained enough signatures … Continue reading

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How the Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio of Bridgewater has put together a 30 minute video on How the Economic Machine Works. Bridgewater is an investment advisor, they manage other peoples investment money. The video emphasizes the financial (borrowing, lending, stocks, bonds, and other financial … Continue reading

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