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Who Does Bernanke Work For?

“Who Is Bernanke Working For?” is a good question.  As I’ve felt since the 2008 financial crisis and the logic in the article makes clear, the answer is first of all the big banks.  It won’t change with a change … Continue reading

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Unconditional Basic Income

Three Trends that will Create Demand for an Unconditional Basic Income is an interesting idea. That everyone gets an income they can live on from the government. The writer lives in London, so the ideas are not as radical there as … Continue reading

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Crowd Funding? or Community Funding

Nice thought piece on about The Myth of the Crowd.  The executive summary/insight is that the group “crowdfunding” a project are not a random collection of people, but one or a few communities.  People with similar interests, many of whom … Continue reading

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Seth Godin: Thinking About Money

Seth Godin ostensibly writes about marketing, but he ranges pretty widely.  He really is writing about enthusiasm and passion in work, life, and product creation.  I am changing careers, moving from programming to something that doesn’t have a name yet, … Continue reading

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Vanguard – a Different Kind of Coop

Vanguard mutual funds is structured like a coop, but no membership fee. Though their minimum investment amounts, typically $3000, do act as a barrier to entry. It is run ostensibly for the benefit of the clients. It has some of … Continue reading

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Sweden Moving to Reduce Cash

In Sweden, cash is king no more. Cash in Sweden is already down to 3% of transactions. The US is at 7%, the rest of Europe is around 9%. Bank robberies are down by nearly an order of magnitude in … Continue reading

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Realize your Dream through Crowdfunding

With the recent controversies over crowdfunded projects like Zach Braff’s, many are asking what exactly the phenomenon is. Simply, crowdfunding is an online platform in which budding entrepreneurs or artists can solicit money from the general public—the crowd. The advantage … Continue reading

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