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What Pro-business Means in Texas

According to the March 2013 Harper’s Index, half of the state budget is given to business as tax incentives. In most states, someone has to sign off on a business’s state tax return, certifying that it is accurate. In Texas, … Continue reading

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Is Getting Away from Wall Street Even Possible?

I write occasionally on Disintermediating Wall Street (DWS), getting my investments out of the reach of corrupt financial institutions. Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever by Matt Taibbi in the Rolling Stone gives me additional incentive to do … Continue reading

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Knock on Effects

The Diderot Effect reminds me of how keeping up with our possessions/expectations can lead to a very slippery slope. Interesting.

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Another Peer to Peer Lender

I’ve been looking at moving my investments away from Wall Street. Clearly there are plenty of bad actors. I can avoid directly doing business with them, but their bad behavior messes with my networth, usually to my detriment. That is … Continue reading

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Misconceptions about the Federal Reserve

Everything you ‘know’ about the Fed is wrong on pokes holes in five misconceptions about the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing (QE) policy and inflation, gasoline prices, and the strength of the dollar. Plus some helpful education on fundamentals of … Continue reading

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US Now Longer United States of Auto

Why aren’t younger Americans driving anymore? digs into the decline in vehicle-driven miles by Americans. There are several reasons, including the recent recession, ongoing slow growth, and the aging of America, i.e., the Baby Boomers. This isn’t surprising. But the … Continue reading

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Remain Calm and Carry On

The Boston bombing and ‘black swans’ by Brett Arends on reminds me that most of the tragedy that appears in headlines is not actionable, not anything I need to or even can do anything about. It is the everyday … Continue reading

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Snakes in the Storm

The day after the 10% drop in gold and 2-3% drop in the stock market indexes, my spam folder is filling up with pump-and-dump scheme e-mails and other, even more dubious opportunities.

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Where the Action Is

Is Gold Foreshadowing A Stock Market Implosion? is the best explanation I’ve seen on what is happening in the gold (and other commodities, especially precious metals) markets.  This was written Sunday about the market action on Friday.  It foreshadows Monday’s … Continue reading

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Get the Right Degree, Get a Job

Used to be a college degree was the ticket to a good job.  This conventional wisdom is under attack and is no longer true in general.  The joke is, “What does a college graduate with a degree in 14th Century … Continue reading

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