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Banking at the Post Office

Many other countries have a simple banking operation as part of the post office. The US also had this up through the 1960s when banks finally became interested in retail banking for the middle class. The idea is being revived … Continue reading

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Peer to Peer Lending, the Extended Road Test

I’ve written about peer to peer lending, bypassing the banks: Peer to Peer Lending in US & UK and Shadow Banking Reworked in China. Jason Hull, a financial planner I respect, tells of his experience and why he is getting … Continue reading

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Leaving Stock Picking to the Pros

My wife and I have done some investing in individual stocks. There are some grand slams (a former employer went public and my nickel a share options have been sold for as much as $110, the remaining 400 shares trade … Continue reading

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More on Iceland

I’ve written on how Iceland has dealt very differently with it’s financial crisis in Iceland Looking Better and Better. The language in Why Did The Media Keep The Recent Peaceful Icelandic Revolution Quiet? is a bit florid and self-righteously liberal, … Continue reading

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