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Site Changes

We are trying out changes in the appearance of the site. You are welcome to leave feedback in the comments.

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Tax Hikes Isn’t About the Deficit

I have a mixed feelings about Joe Weisenthal. Sometimes he seems like an apologist for the 1% (the super-rich). But FORGET THE DEFICIT: Here’s The Real Reason Liberals Want To Hike Taxes On The Rich is right on. The increasing … Continue reading

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Continously Componded Interest

I’ve encountered Euler’s number, e, in mathematics and engineering. But it was first described in finance. One dollar at 100% percent interest increases to two dollars in one year, compounded yearly. Compounded semi-annually (i.e, every six months), it increases to … Continue reading

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Side Gig Advice

An Alternative to Stocks for Your 5% At Risk Capital gives some very good advice with numbers on how to try out an alternative to your 9 to 5 day job. Joseph Campbell’s “Follow your bliss” advice is a nice … Continue reading

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Not Banking as Usual

Credit Unions and Savings & Loans (S&L) in the United States (US) are cooperatives, run for the benefit of their members. Most banks are public companies, run for the benefit of the shareholders. Credit Unions members are the shareholders. All … Continue reading

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Social Unrest

I’ve written several times about how “social unrest” is worrying me, most recently Where is Our Future? and This is What Scares Me. Todd Harrison, a very successful investor/trader and writer I respect, is worried too and see farther than … Continue reading

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JOBS Act Devolution

The JOBS Act had a lot of promise for startups and small investors. However¸the details are in the rule making. The SEC is opting to gut the innovation in the name of “safety” and essentially turn it into the status … Continue reading

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Top Oil Producing States

According to America’s top 5 oil-producing states on, Texas is the top crude oil pumping and refining state by a substantial margin. No surprise there. North Dakota is number 2, at least for crude oil production. That’s news to … Continue reading

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Where is Our Future?

Unemployment is coming down, but it’s still high in the US. It is worryingly high in the US among the young, 17%. Over half of recent US college graduates are underemployed. For example, college grads doing a job that only … Continue reading

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