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What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You

10 things mutual fund companies won’t say, but you should know before or while investing in mutual funds.

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Keeping Perspective on Losses

My wife is rather anxious that we are down $70k. That’s a chunk of money. Only one year have I earned more than that. She has never earned anywhere close to that much money in a year, or even two. … Continue reading

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Getting Away from the Obamacare Hysteria

Lies of the Deficit Hysteria, hosted on Barry Ritholz’s site, guest written by William K. Black, refrains the debate about health care in the US. As the Zane Tankel, owner of 40 Applebee franchises, says, “Somebody has to pay.” But … Continue reading

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Like a Greek Tragedy

This has nothing to do the the current Greek sovereign debt tragedy. Reading The Romney Campaign’s Ground Game Fiasco is like watching a Greek tragedy play. Once you see the tragic flaw, the unwinding of the plans/dreams unfolds with inevitable … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic

Rex Nutting has written a nice, hysteria-free reflection on the “fiscal cliff“. Yes the tax rates may go up on January 1, but no one will pay any taxes at that higher rate until 2013. The IRS may or may … Continue reading

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Optimize the Valuable Resource

Over the years as a professional programmer, I’ve learned to only spend time optimizing for the scarce, expensive, or limited resource(s). When I was a programming intern in the early 70s, I spent much of the summer tweaking sizes in … Continue reading

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