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Flow of Micro Loans

Infographic of microloans through Kiva over time, Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance. The flow of time is continuous from founding through last year (2011). The coloring changes to highlight different sectors (e.g. agriculture), latitude of borrowers, etc. Beautiful, fascinating, and some surprises.

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Outsourcing the IPO Market to Hong Kong

I’ve linked to several Robert Cringely posts on the Startup scene in the Silicon Valley in the past.  His latest is interesting.  Some startups launch their Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Hong Kong’s stock exchange where the climate is friendlier … Continue reading

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More on Employment Trends

I find it best to look at a given topic from several vantage points – slicing the statistics finer and coarser, comparing to other time periods or regions, slicing orthogonally (e.g. by age, by occupation, by education level), etc.  In … Continue reading

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Heterodox Thinking

Orthodox is Latin for “right thinking”. Heterodox is Latin for “other thinking”. John Mauldin writes a column every Friday on his own thinking about economics, investing, and finance. On Mondays he publishes invited, guest columns by people he does not … Continue reading

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