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SmallKnot “lets you invest in the small businesses in your community in exchange for goods, services, special perks and benefits.”  Sounds a lot less risky that investing in startups (e.g., FundersClub mentioned in previous posts).

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FundersClub Oops

I jumped the gun on FundersClub.  They are currently only open to accredited investors ($200K/yr individual or $300K/yr couple, or $1M net worth).  As the SEC completes the necessary rulemaking of the JOBS Act, they may open to ordinary investors.  … Continue reading

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FundersClub is a way for people to invest in startups with a $1000 minimum.  Until recently, they were only open to accredited investors ($1million net worth or $200 thousand yearly income). As always, do your own due diligence before investing.

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Some Euro Crisis Humor

Ramón is a cartoonist whose work appears in El País, a major Spanish newspaper. He/She usually draws about environmental issues. A recent cartoon comments on the financial environment. There are no captions and the puns exist in English. Funny and … Continue reading

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7 equations to build a secure retirement

Blog post by Robert Powell on  He writes the retirement column. As the title implies, for the mathematically inclined.  Though you may prefer using a spreadsheet or financial calculator to do the actual number crunching.

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This Time is Different (from Last Time)

But similar to a time further back, like the Great Depression. The current recession is not like most post WWII recessions which were ordinary business cycle recessions. Ordinary recessions are just the the positive feedback (AKA pro-cyclical forces) getting ahead … Continue reading

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