Cost of Gasoline

While in the credit union as my wife moved money around, I saw some interesting graphs on CNN. The first was a map of the US by states with gasoline prices in dollars per gallon. No surprises — California, Alaska, and Hawaii were the highest. (Why does California which pumps some crude oil and has refineries, have expensive gas? Higher oil company profit margins. When Valero, a San Antonio, Texas company moved into California, stock analysts considered that a positive because of the higher profit margins in that market.) Alaska has crude, but no refineries. Hawaii has neither.

The next chart was the interesting one. It measured gas prices as a percentage of income. California was middle of the pack. Texas was high and Alabama probably the highest. Both states bucking for Third World status. in terms of income for the 99%.

For new readers, I’m a Northern California native living in Austin, Texas. Those two states are always at the top of my list of what’s going on. The Rio Star grapefruit from Texas’s Rio Grande Valley (‘the Valley’, at least in southern and central Texas) are the best. California has the best oranges and wine in the United States. Texas is probably has the second best wines in the US. Oregon and Washington may disagree. I vacation in California mostly, so I have “boots on the ground” in Texas and California. On wine, I grew up on California wine and that shapes my tastes. Sorry France, most of your wines taste small and thin to me. Germany is far enough north that they don’t get a lot of sun most years, so sweeter wines are rare and therefore expensive. Californians don’t care for these and prefer the drier and therefore less expensive wines.

Where you stand depends on where you sit. And as Terry Pratchett has pointed out, which way you face.

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