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Cost of Gasoline

While in the credit union as my wife moved money around, I saw some interesting graphs on CNN. The first was a map of the US by states with gasoline prices in dollars per gallon. No surprises — California, Alaska, … Continue reading

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Iceland – Role Model for the PIIGS?

Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain (the PIIGS) are in trouble. Greece is in the spotlights – bailout or default. So far everyone is still trying to go for the bailout, but it is increasingly looking like the austerity measures … Continue reading

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Hope for Greece

Arguments against Greek euro exit running thin argues that the markets have already largely done what the politicians won’t. Exiting the Euro will be painful in the short run for Greece and its creditors, but not much more painful than … Continue reading

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The More Things Change…

The Harry Ransom Center here in Austin, Texas has several great collections of print makers and writers. I saw the original manuscript for Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” there. A new collection of prints from Elizabeth Olds is on display. Her 1938 … Continue reading

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