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Back to the Past? or Finding a Future

Republicans and the Tea Party seem determined to take us (the USA) back to the past where the aristocracy was a law unto themselves and there was no middle class. The Democrats seem to be vaguely trying to take us … Continue reading

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Great Depression or Long Depression?

Matthew Lynn writes in This slump won’t end until 2031 that the Long Depression of the 1870s may be a better historical precedent than the Great Depression of the 1930s. The similarities are a bit eery.

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Rich People Don’t Create Ongoing Jobs, Customers Do

And customers are largely the middle class which is being legislated out of existence. Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators by Nick Hanauer, a very successful entrepreneur and self-described “very rich person”, writing on Bloomberg News makes … Continue reading

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Markets are Chaotic

That the markets lately are chaotic, i.e. volatile and seemly meaningless goes without saying.  And Chaos Theory (AKA non-linear dynamics) does a much better job of describing their statistics than Gaussian Probability (the Bell-shaped Curve stuff).  For an easy entry … Continue reading

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A Viewpoint from Across the Pond

Niels Jensen and the crew at Absolute Return Partners in London are some bright people, worth reading. Sometimes the best way to get a clear perspective on something is to get outside it. They write specially about financial markets in … Continue reading

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Why China Buys US Treasuries

The Sovereign Debt Train Wreck is good reading, especially if you don’t already know the extent of the sovereign debt crisis (sovereign debt is government debt, e.g. US Treasuries, German Bunds, UK Gilts). Among the many good points is something … Continue reading

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