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Not Much Happy News

Scanning the financial news can be a downer.  The happy talk of the Wall Street cheerleaders and “pump and dump” scammers is clearly bogus.  Genuine good news is a bit sparse on the ground these days. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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How the US Arrived at a Negative Outlook

Yesterday S&P downgraded their outlook on US Treasury bonds from stable to negative, pointing out the elephant in the room – the U.S. government is spending more than it is receiving, and the situation looks to become worse with time.  … Continue reading

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Kevin Depew – Five Things You Need to Know & Minyanville

Minyanville is a Website of Wall Street insiders and traders trying to bring some transparency and insight to Main Street.  It covers the spectrum from heavy duty, full-time trader stuff to medium duty, part-time investor stuff.  This is not Trading … Continue reading

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Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are lightly regulated funds that invest in a broader range than the typical mutual fund.  Generally you have to be an accredited investor to get into one.  Typically there is very little visibility (transparency) into what they invest … Continue reading

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Disintermediating Wall Street

disintermediation (banking, finance, economics) The removal of funds from a financial institution such as a bank for direct purchase of financial instruments. (business) The removal of an intermediary from a commercial transaction. The news industry is undergoing a massive disintermediation … Continue reading

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Paul Farrell & Lazy Portfolios

Most preachers have just one or two good sermons.  Most columnists have a few themes they come back to over and over.  Paul Farrell writes a column at MarketWatch on behavioral economics.  A long running theme is Lazy Portofolios, 8 … Continue reading

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Outside the Box & Niels Jensen

John Mauldin (see previous post for introduction) also publishes “Outside the Box” every Monday, posts by John’s friends and partners that disagree with John’s thinking or mainstream investment thinking.  From the vantage point of someone outside the industry, the disagreements … Continue reading

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John Mauldin

John Maulding is a registered investment advisor and an excellent writer on investments.  His was the first investment newsletter I read, so it is appropriate to introduce him first on this blog. John is a good teacher. Read his letters … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Accidental Capitalist

This blog is about what to do after becoming a capitalist without intending to.  I grew up middle class in an upper class county (Marin County, CA, typically second or third highest per capita income in the US).  So I … Continue reading

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